Monday, 5 February 2018

Level Two, Module One, Chapter 4

This was done wrongly as I changed both the width and length of the stitch. I put it in as a sample page anyway.

Zig Zag - stitch widths

Page 24

Zig zag - stitch lengths

Page 25

Automatic Patterns 1/3

Page 26

Automatic patterns 2/3

Page 27

Automatic patterns 3/3

Page 28

Level Two, Module One, Chapter 3

Page 20

Page 21

Page 22

Page 23

Level Two, Module One, Chapter Two

Page 19

Samples of fabrics;

Monday, 15 January 2018

Level 2, Module 1 Razzle Dazzle, Chapter 1

Pages from my Notebook 1 -17

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

Page 15

Page 16

Page 17

Transfer Paints

Using brushes with Ruby, Royal and Fusia paints.

Page 18

Transferred onto white polyester satin fabric. I do not think I ironed for long enough as it is very light in colour.

Page 19

Using sponges and Henna, Saffron and Field Green.

Page 20

This has much stronger tones and I was happy with the finish.

Page 21

All the colours sponged and dripped on from the lids with the remaining paint.

Page 22

Page 23

Ruby, Saffron, Royal and Azure brushed, flicked and allowed to run and fuse together.

Page 24

Transferred onto plain polyester white satin.

Page 25

This is the second transfer but this time onto white satin polyester sewn with a zig zag stitch. The print makes interesting additional texture, shadows and light where the stitched pattern is.

Page 26

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Chapter Five, Task 1, Wonderful Whip Stitch

Sample 1

Free motion whip stitch with feed dogs down and 100 needle. Polyester thread upper spool, sewn on orange cotton fabric with red Rayon 40 in the loosened bobbin with a tension set to 5 circling right and left for the first two samples left and right.

The bottom two samples are sewn directly onto the calico sample page background.
The left sample using Coates thread on top and Rayon 40 turquoise bobbin thread.
Meandering line left to right.

Right sample varieagated 100% cotton on top using the same bobbin then changing to yellow Rayon 40 and finally a gold metallic thread, bobbin tension 5.

Sample 2

Black sample page.
Top left;
I loosened the bobbin tension even more and used varieagated thread in the top 100% cotton and Rayon 40 in the bobbin staying with the same tension 6.
The top right I changed to a metallic thread in the top and the tension was very tight - I loosened the tension in the last lower section to 5.
The third section was very loose indeed underneath - I had a break and returned the next day to finish this page with little success. I moved onto the final section and changed the thread to metallic in the top and bottom. Sewed very slowly to produce this tight finish.

Sample 3

For this sample I used purple satin on a calico and felt background. Dividing the page into 4 sections and using a running stitch for the top two sections and 100% varieagated thread top and bottom with normal tension which on my machine is number 4. I had as usual tested the tension on a similar piece before beginning to get the tension right. When using cotton on the top and the bobbin it sews really well with tension 4.

For the lower two sections I set the machine to zig zag and keeping everything else the same tried vermicelli variation of whip stitch which worked well until the bobbin ran out. I changed the colour and finished the section with whip stitch. The last section there were no changes. 

Sample 4

This is an example of my pre work sampler page to test for tension.

Sample 5

Black calico and felt sample page. 100% cotton varieagated thread in the top and Rayon 40 Yellow bobbin. Needle 100. Feed dogs down and free machine foot on. Set to running stitch circling and travelling very quickly with my hands in a fast whipping motion to create this.

The pink thread is Rayon 40

The varieagated thread is Rayon 40

The tension is set to 6 and I am happy with this page.


Sample 6

Sewn directly onto the calcio and felt page using varieagated 100% cotton thread top and bottom.
Tension remained the same at 6. The top two samples are running stitch and the bottom left is zag zag stitch.
The fourth section bottom right was the same thread with zig zag with the feed dogs up and a normal foot on (2) keeping the same settings and the same loosened bobbin. I experimented with various rows of running stitch, zig zag and satin stitch. I really loved this sample.

Notes of my hours per Task and Chapter - I have the daily log on my file.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Chapter 4, task 1 Rainbow Hues - reworked samples

Sample 1

Accent hue is too large and in the wrong place

Re worked sample reducing the size of the accent and re positioning it.

Original sample on black background and with the red strip too large and the yellow accent hue too small.

Sample 2

Re worked on white background with shorter red strip and bolder yellow accent hue. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Module Two, Chapter 3, Task 2 Free to Zig Zag

Sample Page 1

Free motion zig zag green cotton sewn on calico and felt backed sample page using yellow Sulky Rayon 40 cotton, tension set to normal.

Sample Page 2

Free motion zig zag sample page on black calico and felt backing with Janome embroidery thread, tension set to number 5 for the second, third and fourth designs. The first sample top left was set to normal tension and proved too tight. The fabric has puckered.

Notes page 1

 Notes page 2